Benefits of Westex Synthetic Stones

Westex Stones are eco friendly and durable, making our stones the right choice both environmentally and financially. Some of the benefits of Westex Stones are as follows:

Get better finishing effects than natural pumice stone with much less cost and labor.

Can be used up to washes, compared with 3 washes of natural pumice stone

Less water and energy concumption during washing due to reduced times to achieve desired denim effects

Eliminates transportation costs typically associated with traditional pumice stones

Reduces machinery repair costs over time due to minimized damage by the westex stones

Reduces labor costs by eliminating processes such as cleaning sand residues

Find your optimum combination with enzymes and get the desired effects right away.



Natural pumice stones can only be used up to 3 washes, after which the stones become too small for use due to erosion and new stones are needed. Thus manufacturers will use thousands of kg of pumice stones per day, constanlty removing pumice from nature. Shipping of the Stones is also a grave problem since textiles factories are usually not close to digging sites and the stones will be transported by land or sea depending on factory location.

Westex stones remove these unsustainable practices, our stones can be used up to 1000 washes, and thus, eliminate the need of constantly unearthing and transporting new pomice form volcanic areas.


Natural pumice stone will dissolve after 3 washes and transform into sand residues. With this traditional method factories require 70+ ltrs of water simply to eliminate sand residues from every washing machine. Multiplying this waste of water to millions of washing machines around the world and we quiclky get billions of gallons of water wasted with the natural pumice stone.

Westex Stones can be used for up to 6 months with no residues as the stones don’t dissolve over time. 6 months of life time for the Westex Stone makes it a great substitute for the natural pumice stone.

Achieve better finishing effects

Use with any enzyme combination

Create unique design patterns by customizing shape, size and weight of westex stones


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Westex Stones have changed our washing method for denim garment. With the combinations of enyzmes and Westex Stones we achieve our desired effects in a way that wasn’t possible before


After we introduced the synthetic pumice stone into our washing facilities we have completely eliminated the need for natural pumice stones.

Denim Factory

By using Westex Sythnetic Stones we not only cut our washing costs but also achieved greater variations of finishing effects


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