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We are a group of chemical and mechanical engineers who are deeply devoted to sustainable production and are commited to leave behind a clean planet for future generations. Having extensive experience with polymers and various types of organic and inorganc substances, we were approached by some of the largest textile manufacturers to develop an environment friendly alternative for the natural pumice stone used in garment stone washing.

Traditional pumice stone is a volcanic rock that consists of highly vesicular rough textured volcanic glass. Pumice stone is created when super-heated, highly pressurized rock is violently ejected from a volcano. The rough surface of these stones are used as abrasives during garment (mainly denim) washing, softening the garment whilist giving it a desired finish.


Natural pumice stones can be used, at most, for up to 3 washings after which the stones dissolve and turn into sand residues. Due to the high quantity of pumice needed for stone washing, billions of tones of pumice are extracted each year and sent to some of the world’s largest manufacturing facilities, making this both an ecologically damaging and unsustainable process.

Our engineered synthetic Westex Stones tackle some of the weakest characteristics of natural pumice stones. Our stones are durable, heat resistant and insoluble. Westex Stones can endure up to 2000 hours of washing time – keeping 95% of its body mass. Westex Stones will save energy and water, while reducing carbon footprints by eliminating the need for constant extraction and transportation of pumice stones, thus making it the perfect eco friendly substitute.


Westex Synthetic Stones

Westex Stones are synthetic replicates of the natural pumice stone. It was designed specifically to eliminate and replace the use of natural pumice stone in the stone washing method for denim garments. Westex Stones have better abrasive characteristics than the natural pumice, and can also withstand up to 1000 washes while the natural pumice stone can usually withstand up to 3 washes. Westex stones can also be used with many types of enzymes without any complications.

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Westex Stones have changed our washing method for denim garment. With the combinations of enyzmes and Westex Stones we achieve our desired effects in a way that wasn’t possible before


After we introduced the synthetic pumice stone into our washing facilities we have completely eliminated the need for natural pumice stones.

Denim Factory

By using Westex Sythnetic Stones we not only cut our washing costs but also achieved greater variations of finishing effects


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